WA-WM PTA Council

 Awards Committee

Chair:  Kristin Matz

Members:  Douglas Freiberg, Shannon Mishun, Elly Gross, and Gena Kraemer.

Download the 2017 - '18 in PDF or doc formats today.


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 We all know that your PTAs/PTSAs are doing some really great things in your schools.  As leaders, you know someone who deserves recognition for all of their hard work and dedication to the students of the WA-WM School District.  Here is your chance to show everyone how proud you are.  Awards are open to all PTAs/PTSAs in good standing.  Categories include:

  • The Oak Tree Award
  • The Newsletter Award
  • The Website Award
  • The Membership Program Award
  • The Short Term Program Award
  • The Long Term Program Award
  • The PTA of the Year Award

Individual VIP categories include:

  • Angel or Good Guy Award
  • Good Deed Award
  • Rookie of the Year Award
  • Golden Acorn Volunteer Service Award
  • Friend of PTA Award
  • Wisconsin Honorary Life Award

Please see the application and policies for detailed descriptions of each of these honors.

Deadline for Awards Applications by 8pm at the Council meeting April 10th 2019!!!

Say, "Thank you!" to those who volunteer and give it their all, every time

 WA-WM PTA Council Mentor Awards

We will be honoring all those who have completed the Mentor Awards at this year's Awards Banquet.  Make sure that you turn in your completed forms so that you receive the recognition of all your hard work this year!

Mentor Level I (PDF / Word)

Mentor Level II (PDF / Word)

Mentor Level III (PDF / Word)