WA-WM PTA Council

2013 PTA Council Leadership Training

Please register each person attending for TWO workshops.

Workshop A - The basics of being a PTA President or Vice President

Workshop B - PTA Treasurer made easy/Budget

Workshop C - PTA Membership; How to Grow!

Workshop D - What does a PTA Secretary need to do?/Bylaws

Workshop E - Working with Administration--In Depth

Workshop F - PTA Executive Board: What do they do?

Workshop G - Wisconsin PTA and how we can help!

Workshop H - WA-WM PTA Council Awards; How & why you need to apply.

If more than three are attending, please complete another form. Free Child Care should be registered on the Child Care Registration Form.

Free Child Care Registration for WA-WM PTA Council Leadership Training

Child care is free and available to those who register before the event.